COME ON Presents: “ Non c’ é Rosa Sensa Spina”

The new prêt-à-couture label COME ON WORLD, inspired by punk culture and surrealism, launches its resort collection “Non c’é rosa senza spina” this month, proposing clothing options for people of all lifestyles including jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts, and robes. Inspired by “la festa senza fine,” the endless party, the collection serves as a wearable tour of Italy’s different flora and most lush lands.

The collection’s Italian name translates to “There is no rose without thorns” and the mood evokes aromas of the Italian flora and quintessential grapes for which garments are named. Through the designs and fabrications chosen by COME ON, the wearer is transported to the most idyllic and romantic Italian towns where sunsets meet the ocean and time stands still.

The rich history of elegance, humor and drama that Italy epitomizes is the spirit and mood of the “Non c’é rosa senza spina” collection. Abundant banquets and Italian villas serve as the backdrop for the campaign’s protagonist: a woman who owns her femininity with power, enjoying the bounties of her life. She chooses exactly who and what she wants from this world that is fully hers to inhabit.

The COME ON woman wants it all! She views life as a never ending celebration, full of every emotion: happiness, pain, melancholy, sadness, and joy. She has experienced it all and come through stronger, triumphant, and loving life. One of “the most theatrical and whimsical of the season”, this collection by COME ON consists of pieces that can each be incorporated seamlessly into the wearer’s existing wardrobe.

All the pieces create an elevated resort look, perfect to take you from soaking in the magic hour to sipping aperitifs by the water in the evening.