COME ON Presents: The Glam Punk Collection

Come On’s first collection is inspired by the freedom of Punk, the soft  touches of Glam, and simple lines of classic work clothes. Ludic, timeless  and versatile, this first capsule showcases different designs that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits or “uniforms”  throughout collections; including dresses, jackets, t-shirts, coats, suits,  kilts, robes, and accessories. 

The main fabrics used were bought in France and New York. They  include tartans, velvets, twill, cotton, lurex, and silk. The color pallet  explores coppers, greens, blues, and dark reds, generating a warm  contrast between tones and textures.  

This first collection represents the unapologetic spirit of the brand,  sophisticated and fun at the same time. With dynamic designs and  reformulating classic clothing items. The collection also highlights some  of the main influences behind its inception: music, cinema and arts, all of  them reflected in the names of the items featured in the collection. 

Come On is genderless and timeless with pieces designed to last for  decades. As far as design inspiration goes, the Glam Punk collection  reinterprets classic work designs and uniforms, such as the iconic  overall, adding original fabric combinations and accessories, expanding  and transforming the uses of a traditional outfit. The pieces have been  carefully made, featuring detailed handmade finishing touches, not only  on the outside but also on the inside, for the customers to enjoy the  designs as a whole experience. The versatility of the designs allows them  to be worn besides the traditional and cultural uses of each piece.