Title: Come On Unveils New Collection During Paris Fashion Week

Subtitle: Come On Tear Me Apart sets a new defiant trend for the brand

Post-Punk, New Wave, and cult classic movies collide in "Come On Tear Me Apart." The latest collection of the alternative fashion house was unveiled last week during Paris Fashion Week '24. Building upon the brand's enduring fascination with these cultural touchstones, the new designs represent a bold evolution in creative direction, with patches and band logos prominently featured alongside the brand's classic style. 

After two showcases during NYFW, the brand returned to Paris."Come On Tear Me Apart" made its runway debut last week, showcasing a diverse range of pieces including mini and midi skirts, trousers, trench coats, harnesses, and more. With 19 SKUs in total, the Pret-a-Porter collection embodies Come On's commitment to timeless, ageless, and genderless creations.

This latest line delves even deeper into the sustainability conversation, reflecting the brand's ethos of responsible fashion practices. Through the deconstruction and literal tearing apart of items from previous collections, Come On breathes new life into old garments, crafting entirely fresh pieces that speak to a circular fashion approach. Embracing the playful spirit that is one of the signatures of the brand, "Come On Tear Me Apart" invites customers to engage with the designs themselves, encouraging personalization and creative intervention.

In terms of color palette, "Come On Tear Me Apart" draws upon a rich array of hues, including military green, black, white, nude, beige, animal print, and tartans in blue and green tones. The choice of fabrics further reflects the brand's commitment to quality and nods to the punk aesthetic, with twill, organic cotton, animal print, tartans/plaids, lace, mesh, and velvet all making appearances throughout the collection.

The inspiration behind "Come On Tear Me Apart" is multifaceted, drawing from a variety of sources including New Wave and post-punk bands, indie sleaze, grunge influences, and military aesthetics. Straight, sensual, and oversized lines are accentuated with details such as shoulder and waist accents, adding depth and character to each piece.

Furthermore, the collection pays homage to iconic music and movies, with references to cultural landmarks such as "Stranger than Paradise" by Jim Jarmusch, and iconic bands like New Order, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. These tributes testify to Come On's ongoing dedication to celebrating the intersection of fashion, music, and cinema.

“Come On Tear Me Apart”  will be available online via the brand’s website, as well as in selected stores in New York, Madrid, Barcelona, London, and Miami.

For more information visit comeonworld.com or follow Come On on IG @comeonworld

About Come On

Come On is genderless, timeless, and ageless. Established in 2019 in Miami, this versatile clothing brand is inspired by punk culture and surrealism. Come On’s designs are classic and defiant, applying a modern twist to heritage tailoring traditions. Come On’s vision is to erase the rules that determine why, how, and where each piece should be worn. For those thirsty for a fashion experience that’s different from the norm, for those seeking the classic style of a well-made suit while maintaining a ludic spirit, for those committed to responsible production and responsible consumption.