Ben Silby is an independent Brooklyn based, queer singer/musician.
Their music is an exploration of what it means to find joy and humor in the sadness that often accompanies life. Upbeat melodies contrast dark undertones, colloquialism dances with poetry. Silby’s first single, 'Stain' gave us a first taste of their lush, tongue in cheek world, where their explore the meaning of identity through elaborate pop architectures. On their brand-new single 'wavy', ben continues to develop their unique aesthetic, delivering a mature alt-pop track on which geometrical textures make the pair with unpredictable, playful moments.
Ultra catchy melodies are accompanied by an introspective but quirky songwriting, giving birth to an extremely original but highly accessible bop.
Speaking about 'wavy', they said: "'wavy' was written in a time of transition. It was one of those songs that just poured out of me. Everything about my reality felt completely in flux, so I got high alone in my bedroom. It’s a culmination of the anger, remorse, silliness and grief that I had to experience on my own in order to move forward… and it just so happens to be a bop." Ben is also a performer. Their recurring show “Can’t Hang” features local Brooklyn musicians and drag queens at the beloved local venue C’mon Everybody.