As a brand devoted to prioritizing the durability and reducing the environmental impact of its garments, Come On is working towards sustainability in our design and production process. Come On is genderless and timeless, with pieces designed to last for decades. Our collections reinterpret classic styles and silhouettes, adding original fabric combinations and accessories, expanding and transforming the uses of a traditional outfit. These pieces have been carefully made, featuring detailed, handmade finishing touches inside and out. We want customers to enjoy our designs as a holistic experience and firmly believe in making responsible clothing for responsible consumers.

ETHICAL PRODUCTION: Come On strongly opposes the idea of planned obsolescence and the overproduction and waste of fast fashion. Come On clothes are made in conscious quantities with premium fabrics by local seamstresses and tailors paid a living wage. Every piece of clothing is designed and made to last for decades, encouraging responsible consumerism and resulting in less waste.

THE APPEAL OF "PRET-A-COUTURE": The Come On experience means handmade finishing touches and adjustments can be applied to any of our ready-to-wear pieces. Local clients and visitors to Miami are encouraged to stop by our atelier for a complimentary personal fitting. We also encourage clients to bring their damaged garments in for free repairs - we want Come On clothes to live forever.

OLD FABRICS, NEW LIFE: The Come On team loves to seek out unused and discontinued vintage fabrics to create limited edition items. We want to give vintage fabrics a chance at new life and believe that no piece of cloth should go to waste.