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The sophomore offering from Come On, “The Victorian Collection” examines the theme of liberation in reference to the percolating reimagination of the status quo during the Victorian era in England, following the Industrial Revolution, through 25 stunning SKUs. Still true to its roots in punk and surrealism, this new collection revisits and builds on the theme of Come On’s debut line, “Glam Punk 2021”, a meditation on the personal autonomy afforded by the punk rock ethos.
The latest collection debuted on September 12, 2021, with a runway show for The Flying Solo NYFW Fashion Show with a runway show during New York Fashion Week followed by an official public launch on September 18 with a pop-up event at Flying Solo, an independent designer platform and brick-and-mortar shop in SoHo
The new line plays with the emerging liberal ideology and intellectualism of the Victorian period. Through the bold use of materials such as lace, velvet, silk, tartan, and cotton, “The Victorian Collection” conjures up a timeless array of pieces with a meticulous focus on the diversity of human anatomy. This sophomore release from Come On demonstrates a continuing evolution for the new brand, which officially launched early 2021.
Come On employs local tailors and seamstresses to realize the vision of this new collection and those to follow. Working closely with craftspeople in our micro-factory located in Little River, Come On ensures that each piece is made with the utmost care, creating responsible products made for responsible consumers


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