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Glam Punk 2021


Come On’s first collection is inspired by the freedom of punk, the soft touches of glam, and the simple lines of classic workwear.
Genderless, timeless, and versatile, this first capsule showcases different designs that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits or “uniforms” throughout collections; dresses, jackets, t-shirts, coats, suits, kilts, robes, and accessories are some of the items included. Following the same concept, the collection also features garments for children and pets. Fabrics used were procured primarily in France and New York and include tartan, velvet, twill, cotton, lurex, and silk.
This first collection from Come On represents the unapologetic spirit of the brand, sophisticated and ludic at the same time, with dynamic silhouettes and classic ideas reformulated. A color palette of coppers, greens, blues, and dark reds generates a warm contrast between tones and textures. The collection also highlights some of the main influences behind its conception, from music and cinema to the fine arts, all of them reflected in the names of each piece.
Come On is genderless and timeless, with pieces designed to last for decades. . . The “Glam Punk 2021” collection reinterprets classic workwear and uniform designs, such as the iconic overalls, adding original fabric combinations and accessories, expanding and transforming the uses of a traditional outfit. The pieces have been carefully made, featuring detailed, handmade finishing touches inside and out. We want customers to enjoy our designs as a holistic experience.
The versatility of these designs allows them to be worn outside of the traditional and cultural context of each type of garment.
With the “Glam Punk 2021” collection, Come On’s vision is to erase the rules that determine why, how, and where each piece should be worn.
Come On aims to combine the best of our skills along with those of local independent artists in order to stimulate the creation and sharing of ideas in our community.
Come On employs local tailors and seamstresses to realize the vision of this new collection and those to follow. Working closely with craftspeople in our micro-factory located in Little River, Come On ensures that each piece is made with the utmost care, creating responsible products made for responsible consumers.



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